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Private group tour

I wrote Mr. Martin, he will arrive with a group of 20 friends aged (35-60 years) in the Bohrmian Switzerland and aim was “Day full of surprises”. Only it will be acquainted with the course of a day trip. I suggested for the real Moravians with the flask in his pocket hike through Dolsky mlyn at Ruzovy vrh with lunch and experience in the golf area of ​​ Janov, food quality and service guaranteed prices reasonable return on scooters.

As the tour ended?

We started in the morning at 9 am from the Vysoka Lipa towards “Dolak”. Along the way, we went picking various tricky questions like: “Can the national park to gather mushrooms?” After conquering the Rose Hill, we relaxed pace came to lunch at a quiet restaurant in the golf club Janov. After a tasty lunch surprise came in the form of a basic course of the game of golf. Moravians fired as burning plum brandy so great. Followed by afternoon coffee and the time has come for scooters. We went through Srbska Kamenice to Jetrichovice. Each according to his pace. On slower people we waited at convenient locations.

Result of story? An experience that is worth it, you can invent and organize the Bohemian Switzerland, for any group with any interest. The group is having fun, enjoying the day and guide not just talking about nature and travel, but also coordinates services. Satisfaction guarantee. The reference: “Beauty and gratitude”

Published on: 24.1.2024  -  Filed under: Reference