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Rental regulations of the Cottage rental company

§1 Pouze osoba uvedená ve smlouvě o nájmu movité věci (dále Nájemce), má právo používat zapůjčené zařízení, jehož převzetí potvrdila svým pod

§1 Only the person named in the movable property lease agreement (hereinafter the Lessee) has the right to use the borrowed equipment, the acceptance of which he confirmed by his signature in the movable property lease agreement (hereinafter the Agreement).

§2 To rent movable property, it is necessary to pay a refundable deposit specified in the price list of the rental company.

§3 Renting is possible only after presenting one of the following documents:

a)      valid ID card of a citizen of the Czech Republic (or Proof of permanent residence in the Czech Republic for foreigners)  b)      valid Travel Passport    c)      valid Driver’s License of an EU citizen

§4 Only an adult (i.e. older than 18 years) who is fully capable of legal acts can be a tenant. The lessor reserves the right not to enter into a contract with a person who has a reasonable fear that he may cause damage to himself or third parties when using the movable property.

§5 The rent is payable immediately after signing the contract.

§6 The lessee is obliged to check the technical condition of the borrowed object before signing the contract and paying for the loan.

§7 After signing the contract, the lessee assumes all responsibility for the borrowed item, until the item is returned to the lessor.

§8 Driving or using the loaned item is at your own risk. The lessor bears no responsibility for damages caused by the lessee, the object lent to them, namely: his own property, other movable and immovable objects, other persons for the entire duration of the lease, for the health of the lessee for the entire duration of the loan.

§9  The lessee assumes material responsibility for all borrowed items listed in the loan agreement signed by them, confirmed by their signature.

§10 Use of the object of the lease by persons not listed in the contract is prohibited.

§11 In the event of damage, loss or theft of the borrowed item, the tenant is obliged to notify the lessor immediately.

§12 If the deadline for returning the borrowed item is not met, the lessee is obliged to pay the outstanding rent for the period that exceeded the original rental period.

§13 In case of loss or theft of borrowed items, the lessee shall pay the lessor the price of the borrowed item specified in the contract.

§14 The lessor has the right to use the principal (advances) to cover the damage incurred by him, as well as the claims he has incurred against the lessee.

§15  The lessee undertakes to pay all the costs associated with the repair of the borrowed object within ten days of receiving the invoice and the call for payment, if the payment is not fully covered by the deposit.

§16 The principles of the correct use of the loaned item are part of the movable property lease agreement and by signing it, the lessee confirms that he has familiarized himself with them and will follow them in full.

§17 The loaned movable property may only be used for non-commercial purposes. In the case of a different plan, it is necessary to consult with the lessor.

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