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Andrenalin and sweat in Lusatian mountains on a bike!

Lubricate your muscles and chain and go conquer the peaks of Lusatian Mountains – Fir, Luž waiting …

Of Krasna Lipa expression after blue (or the cycling route No.. 3013, Varnsdorf direction) direction to the spring Křinice. In the village of Fountain follow the bike trail to the Upper Podluží. Along the way you meet a picturesque windmill Svetlik. The first climb awaits you from Jiřetín pod Jedlovou around the Cross on Cross Hill. Continue uphill along the red tourist (note:. leads the slopes, better for cyclists ride longer unmarked path and go back to red, viz. Map). The reward for the sweat will be views of Switzerland and Czech beer should also be on top of the mountain cat Fir (774m). From the fir fast ride down the bike bastion, station pub Fir (good soup) and here continue along the yellow direction Stožecká seat (the station must push bike about 200m along the road impassable). The saddle awaits Highway Rumburk – Czech Lipa (Climb 200 meters on asphalt) and then a nice gravel path around the hill (600 m.n.m) to the crossroads Pod chickweed.

From the crossroads go after “swinging” the red road, that each BIKAR delight to the cottage Luž (indoor and outdoor furniture, often occupied Germans). The cottage leads red top Luž. Who comes out without dismounting the bike, (quite rocky and steep terrain) a guy. Views from the highest mountain Lusatian mountains– Luže, worth it. Congress of the German also Waltersdorf. Continue along the yellow to Lower Podluzi, and then by road to Varnsdorfin. Here you can refresh yourself in the brewery and Puss in Krasna Lipa go along the blue trail (First up on a lot Studánka, then Lush and Plush in Krasna Lipa).