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Polevsko – fairytale walk giants

When you get lost in Lusatian mountains, you might come across the picturesque village Polevsko (village of the year 2014) with half-timbered houses, Church on the hill, with ski tracks in the winter and year-round nature trail For Polevskými giants.

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Mrakošmak, loved, Jasmír, Panožrout, witness. These are the names of giants alias trees (spruce, crane, maple, Book, linden), which carry a story with a lesson. The trail is 3.5 km long. Some stop can sit and look around the scenic landscape Lusatian Mountains.

TIP: You can ride a scooter or a toy carts. Possible with off-road stroller (Trail was famously punched). In winter sleigh

Note: In Polevsko restaurant on křižovance,

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