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Hell with kids?

The national natural monument Peklo is located in the valley of the Robečské stream between the village of Zahrádky and the town of Česká Lípa. The Peklo educational trail leads through the valley, which is widely visited especially in the spring because of the flowering oleanders.

Park for free in front of the Zahrádky castle and follow the red sign through the castle park. There are new children’s slides in the castle park. Following the dirt road, you will soon arrive in the valley, where rocks, caves, photogenic log cabins in the settlement of Karba and an old railway viaduct will surprise you.

The educational trail has a difficult entrance for cyclists. Here, you walk along the built wooden path along and across the Robečský stream, which is surrounded by vegetation as if somewhere in a secret forest.

It is possible to detour to the Goat farm Nový dvůr ( You will probably be surprised by the local architecture, more reminiscent of antiquity than an agricultural settlement. The cheeses are excellent though.

TIP: part of the educational trail is not suitable for bicycles, but children’s scooters and strollers can pass through. One of the trip members can then quickly go back for the car and come to the goat farm or to the end of the trail to Dubica

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