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2nd day To the Jetřichovice lookout on foot, down on a scooter

What to do on the second day in Czech Switzerland? Look around from Jetřichovické walls and go down on a scooter.

We go from the village of Jetřichovice to Mariina skála with a view (428 m.a.s.l.). The elevation gain from Jetřichovice is 200m. You can only go straight to the former First Republic rehabilitation center for children. Along the sandy path strewn with steps, we proceed up and up between the stones. In 30 minutes we can see the top. “Mariina” is above us. The lookout can be climbed even with children, the way is via steep iron steps (approx. 5 min). The views are definitely worth it.

We continue along the red road through the Vilemína lookout point to the crossroads at the Purkartická road, where we go towards the Na Tokání hunting lodges (2 km). At the restaurant Na Tokáni (it is also open in the off-season, more: you can rent a scooter (125,- adults, 75,- children) and comfortably ride to the Saula information center, to Doubice or back to Jetřichovice.

Tip: You can graduate with children as well. Smaller children can ride with you on the scooter.

4 km on foot

6 km on a scooter

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