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Small walk to village Srbska Kamenice

A little short, but for smaller children there is a trip to Srbská Kamenice. Its length is 1.5 km.

In the village of Srbská Kamenice you will find a local educational trail and especially the Arba Nature Reserve. If you follow the yellow tourist sign from the local information center towards Vyhlídka nad jezírkem, after about 300m you will arrive at a meadow in the floodplain of the Kamenice river, which is covered with sedges in the spring months. At the well with drinking water, there is a steep hike of about 100 m to the top of the rock, where there is a wonderful view of the entire village and the surrounding area. You will get back by the same route.

There is also a beautiful children’s playground in Srbská Kamenice. I recommend to visit.

The question is where to eat and drink well here? Although our experience of a good-looking boarding house is not for recommendation.

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