Aleš a Irena Kubicovi
Kamenná Horka 15, Krásná Lípa

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Waking trail: Kamenna Horka to Vlci Hora

Nobilis Tilia trail “walking close and close herbs”

Trail: from Bohemian Cottage, Krásný Buk 1 km, Sněžná 2,5 km, Vlčí Hora 4,5 km
walking back : chapel sv.Anny 5,5 km, Kyjov 7 km, Kamenná Horka 10 km

We will start our hiking trip at Kamenná Horka (490 m.a.s.l.) and we will go down the blue path to the village of Krásný Buk (a monument zone dotted with stilt houses) and climb up the red path to the small village of Sněžná (note: we can jump off the route here and see the family arboretum Fritsch).
From Sněžná we continue along the red road to Vlčí Hora. I recommend sitting in the freely accessible Nobilis Tilia herb garden or in the cafe.

Head back along the blue direction of the Chapel of St. Anny, Dlouhý důl and then on the yellow road to Kyjov. Here you can sit in front of the Fakulta inn or continue up the hill on the yellow path past the cowshed to Kamenná Horka.

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