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Penzion KVILDA

Imagine the place, where Šumava nature literally whispers a fairy tale, where you breathe the cleanest air and you feel, how your body fills with energy. Welcome to the Pension Kvilda Luční!

Our apartment pension is located in the heart of Šumava, on Kvilda, in altitude 1050 m, in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the Czech Republic. Surrounded by endless forests and lovely meadows, is a true paradise for nature lovers.

Why you should choose our guesthouse? We have everything, what you’re looking for! We offer modern, clean and cozy apartments, in which you will feel at home. Each has a fully equipped kitchen, microwave, large apartments have an oven, for example for Christmas baking. Wifi is available, a big television, the coal mine, the lake, private bathroom with toilet. In the morning, you will wake up with a view of the beautiful Šumava countryside and have breakfast in the local famous Kvildská bakery.

What about the activities?? Pension Kvilda Luční is an ideal starting point for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and many other outdoor activities. There are many tourist destinations nearby, among the most famous are the springs of the Vltava, the border zone and the jelly curtain in Bučina, Cottage marsh, the coldest place in the Czech Republic Jezerní slať, Princely Plains, wolf enclosures in Srní, deer and lynx reserve on Kvilda, ridge tours to Třísloličník, Plechyý and Luzný with a view of the Alps and many others. After a day spent in nature, you can relax or bake dumplings on the fire, or prepare dinner on the grill at the outdoor seating area. Many local restaurants will be available to you, bakery, cafe and pastry shop, you can buy it at a local self-service store. And when it rains, for example, visit the local museum or information center of the Šumava National Park with an exhibition.

Don’t wait, book with us today accommodations, Kvilda Luční It awaits you and enjoy your vacation, which you will never forget!