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TOP3 of Saxon Switzerland

Kurort RathenBasteiBad Schandau Places like a fairy tale

Visit the most famous rock formation Bastei in Saxon Switzerland National Park is worth it. On the Czech side at Bastion car gets over Bad Schadau and Porschdorf and parked on a large parking lot. They are waiting for you views of the Elbe canyon and the Czech and Saxon mesa. You can also explore Castle Rock Neurathen prospects. From the “Bastion” You can walk down to meet 1,5 km in the picturesque town of Rathen, which is located on the banks of the Elbe River. Possible refreshment stations are those few, ferry takes you to the side of drouhou, where a model railway of the region (lure not only for children). Back the same way.

If your time permits, I recommend a stop in Bad Schandau and see the city from the river Elbe and the rocks above the city. Relax spa in Tuscany, where a heated swimming pool, whirlpool, saunas and relaxation saltwater pool with underwater music.

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