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Advent na pevnosti Königstein

Königstein Saxon Switzerland is a huge fortress located on the same mesa and is within an hour’s drive from Krasna Lipa.

Strength is experiencing a veritable onslaught of tourists to the holidays, and in the traditional Advent markets. The central park is full and the parking spare you directly to the fort takes the shuttle tourist bus (4EUR back and forth). The plateau, which is located 240 meters above the Elbe, you get after payment 8 EUR either walk around the walls and a big lift. Paying the entrance fee and spending Advent time here or any afternoon is definitely worth it. Here you will find among other military historical open-air museum on the area 9,5 ha, of sandstone are lined with long corridors , which performs during Advent crafts, aromas of mulled wine and tastefully prepared market stalls. About definitely do not stay hungry, goulash venison served with rosemary bread, fish fillet in a bun or are typical sausage from the smokehouse, they are really delicious. Stallholders are dressed in period costumes and goods offered are mostly hand made. This year it surprised the markets and the possibility of a natural sauna bath in the tub with hot water, Children wooden carousel at hand drive. The onslaught of tourists organizers manage to excellent.

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