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Königstein is a town in Saxon Switzerland (Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains) and lives around in it 3 we have sheep wool. resident. The first mention of the city is from the 1st century. table setting., when a settlement is established near Königstein Castle. Originally, the city belonged to the Czech kings.

Königstein Fortress is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. On the plateau, which is located 240 meters above the Elbe, a military historical open-air museum with an area of 9,5 ha. They are built of sandstone 1 800 meters long and up to 42 meters high walls of the fortress. It is located in the middle of the fortification 152,5 meters deep well – the deepest in Saxony and the second deepest in Europe. I recommend to visit. Park either in the parking lot outside the city. Or dock at the Elbe and take a nice footpath up to the mountain.

There are very nice Christmas markets in the fort. more on: