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A few steps and you are on the Papststein mountain

The table mountain Papststein lies near the picturesque town of Gohrisch. A small town with an information center in the middle and a surprising number of cafes and pastry shops. You can go to Papststein from the town of Gohrish along the yellow road until you come across the painter’s path (Maleweg, red markings) and through the Gohrisch table mountain (you go up, down and up again) you will arrive at the Papststein table mountain after about 3 km.

A shorter route leads from the parking lot (approx. 1.5 km from Gohrisch on the road towards Papsdorf, price of the parking lot 3Eur) along the picturesque path up the stairs, through the forest to the top (less than 1 km). beautiful  Restaurant Bergwirtschaft.

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