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Jetřichovice and Pfeifer forest

One of the four new circuits not only for families with children is in and around Jetřichovice. The Pfeifer forest circuit starts at the church and follows the blue marker along a new linden avenue with beautiful views of the surroundings. Along the way, you will find a cat’s bench from where you can see the main landmarks of Jetřichovick: Vilemínka, Mariánka, Falkenštejn. Along the way, you will come to an ancient oak tree, where you can read about the history of the place and follow the pipe-shaped signs. You will pass through the forest, where you will see all the beauties of the national park in a small version, along the way you can rest several times on a bench and enjoy… back along the green mark, a total of 3.5 km. At the info center in Jetřichovice, you can pick up a map of all circuits.

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