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Picturesque town with Stolpen Castle

If you drive through the border crossing Dolní Poustevna / Sebnitz in the direction of Neustadt in Sachsen, 20 km beyond the border you will come across the town of Stolpen with the castle of the same name.

Stolpen Castle was built as early as the 12th century. An interesting fact is that in the 18th century Countess Cosel was imprisoned here for almost her entire life, about whom a fairy tale was filmed here. In the castle you will find typical historical items (weapons, torture devices, …) and a good cafe.

Podhradí is interspersed with picturesque streets with shops and cafes. There is even a cafe where they make homemade ice cream 365 days a year. The alleys lead you to the square with a modern fountain. A joy to behold.

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