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Want to work up a sweat? Build a sauna at home.

It’s like anything, you have a dream and you want to make it come true. And if you visit a sauna in Finland. You want to have a Finnish sauna at home.

The Finnish sauna is characterized by very high temperature and air humidity. It is heated using classic or electric stoves equipped with lava stones. Thanks to their pouring, steam is released into the air. The temperature in this sauna exceeds 90 degrees.

A game with space and price

Are you facing a decision where to build the sauna? Outdoor or indoor? In the project, I had an outdoor one, but I built an indoor one. Why? An outdoor sauna is significantly more expensive (certainly 2x). You have to take into account the roof, rest room, shower, electricity supply, walkway to the sauna, etc., and so the project gradually becomes more complicated. For an indoor sauna, you build such a larger “cabinet” for electricity. If you have somewhere at home 🙂

Indoor location

But where to go with the big “closet” in the house? The sauna doesn’t have to be huge, but comfort matters. I have a sauna about 2x2x2 meters in size and it comfortably fits 6 people and a stove. It is custom built and the carpenter helped me a lot with it. I placed her right next to the exit to the terrace. Close to the hardening pond.

Note The sauna is not at our home, but in our nearby boarding house, which is actually also our home

Don’t have a carpenter? You can also buy a turnkey sauna and assemble it at home. There are many offers and sizes.

What do you need to solve them in advance?

Connecting the electric stove to a sufficient electricity supply, preferably a three-phase cable. I have a 5×4 CYKY cable and a 25 circuit breaker (the electrician connected it in an hour)

What sauna elements do you need to build?

Sauna electric stove – for a classic sauna, we calculate the required output of 1 kW per 1 m3 of sauna space. I have a 9kW stove. Lava stones are purchased separately.

Control unit (control) – I have a digital one with the option of automatically setting the switch-off time, offered by the stove manufacturer

Sauna door – I have glass

Mineral wool 40mm or 60mm – I have 40mm insulation

Alu tape and Alu foil – the foil is used to reflect heat back into the sauna

Ventilation grille (ventilation of the sauna after switching off)

Silicone cable 5×2.5mm (display and thermometer connection)

and then various accessories such as bucket, light, thermometer…

What material does a carpenter need?

Boards made of Nordic spruce for interior and exterior cladding of the sauna. I have boards of size 14 mm, width 95 mm.

Construction prisms – I have 40mm x 60mm

Alder slats for benches, a grate for the floor and a fence around the stove. Why alder? It must be a type of wood that does not release pitch and is pleasant to sit on (does not chip) and also has low thermal conductivity

Sauna construction layer arrangement:

(image: layer sketch)

Outer shell – decking

Insulation layer – special mineral wool is used. Good insulation will allow the stove to heat up the sauna quickly, in my case in 40 minutes

ALU foil – this layer reflects part of the thermal radiation that was not absorbed by the boards back into the sauna

Structural prisms – structural spruce wooden prisms are used, from which a wooden structure supporting the inner cladding is created

Interior lining of the sauna – sauna decking

Paraffin coating


a nearby rest room with a shower or an exit will make it easier for a sweaty person to cool down calmly and quickly

an outdoor cold biotope, it’s a joy after a sauna (note how to build an outdoor pond in another PČD number)

if you build the sauna on smooth pavement, it is easy to wipe

High-quality stainless steel screws, nicely embedded under the surface of the slats at the bench, so that they don’t burn you while sitting

Ventilation and humidity. After finishing the sauna, the sauna door and the ventilation grille are opened. The generated heat can remain in your house or you can connect the ventilation through a fan, for example from an outdoor greenhouse

We regularly take saunas with our children and friends. It is one of my dreams come true.

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