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Video: Tale from Šluknovsko

According to legend, in 1745 a miller’s journeyman Pumphut lived in Dixov Mlýn in Kyjovské údolí. Pumphut wielded black magic and sought the miller’s daughter with spells. However, his attempts remained unsuccessful thanks to the girl’s faithfulness and God-fearing.

About the fact that you can’t buy love and it doesn’t pay to cheat…

Once upon a time in North Bohemia, a miller and his daughter Anetka lived in an old building. One day, an unknown guest called Pumpot, who falls in love with Anetka, arrives at their pub on a straw horse. However, nothing is that simple, let alone forcing the love of an innocent beauty. So the strange guest offers the miller a bargain. Will he win her heart? Will the miller pay off for his dubious business? That remains to be seen. It is definitely true that “God’s mills grind slowly but surely”.

Author: František Dečmar

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