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Trip Hvozd

From the remote village of Krompach (500 m.a.s.l.) the road leads to the very top of the Lužické Mountains, Mount Hvozd 749 m.a.s.l. (Hochwald in German), where you can enjoy a wonderful view in all directions and the German restaurant Hochwaldbaude.

Park in the village square in Krompach and follow the red light to head up. Do not cross the turn that will lead you to the very old Yews (Supposedly over 500 years old), of which there are quite a few along the way. Between the stilt houses and the horse enclosure, you will reach the border stones with Germany, which you will pass all the way to the very top. The last climb is a scree basalt field (approx. 200m), where you will feel like you are in the Alps. You can stop by the Hochwaldbaude hut or the nearby Hochwald Lookout. You can go back the same way or along the yellow (slightly longer) path.

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