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Tour with guide in snowshoes

Come try snowshoeing and discover the snowy landscape of Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains, untrodden place off roads. Snowshoes including sticks lend, walk in them you learn. Difficulty trip adapt expedition members. And children can go.


Jedlovou (774 m)
We are meeting at Křinické. in Krasna Lipa
drive to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou (15me)
climb a mountain Fir (ca. 60-90 min depending on the selected route)
refreshment Fir restaurant, if it is closed freshen up way back in the Upper Podluží (in the draft,) or Křinické brewery
quick return (ca. 45 me)

Luž (Listen, 793 m)
We are meeting at Křinické. in Krasna Lipa
German car to Jonsdorf (20 me)
climb a mountain Luž (ca. 60-90 min depending on the selected route)
Cottage Luž snack shack or Luzicka
quick return (ca. 45 me)

Kamenna Horka, Kyjov (Suitable for children)
Křinické meeting on the square in Krasna Lipa
Stone Bitter over, Hely and back into Kyjova
The faculty Foods Restaurant, Kyjovská terrace or Křinické brewery

For Brtnickými icefalls
meeting Brtníky (try the train from Krasna Lipa to Brtníky (Saturday and Sunday rides ) or right after transit
snacks in the village Kyjov
Return to the center of Krasna Lipa (about 15h)

Terms: (by appointment, and evening with headlamps)
me. number of participants 2 the., Max. number of participants 8 the.
Suitable for beginners

Other tips snowshoeing here.

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