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Tips for winter trips

Winter in Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains can be freezing cold with lots of snow, but also icy with a temperature around 0 degrees. Whatever it is, you can discover places, which you will not find anywhere else. So where are you going on a trip today??


When it is below zero for a long time, water dripping from the ubiquitous sandstone rocks slowly creates glacial formations. Sometimes they are complete icefalls several meters high, sometimes long icicles. The most famous ice karsts are along Brtnické and Vlčí potok. We call them Brtnice icefalls. You want to go through almost all of them? Leave your car in Krásná Lípa, arrive by bus 407 to the village of Brtníky and walk back along the green road through Šternberk in the direction of Kyjov and Krásná Lípa.

Other lesser-known ice beauties can be found in Pavlína Valley and in the river valley kamenice.

Icefalls – 30 min on foot

2. On snowshoes almost anywhere

imagine, that you walk through the forest and all the branches, stones, the trees and bushes are covered with snow. You just around “you are sailing” on snowshoes and you stick to the direction, where you want to go. Go straight to the top of the mountains for example: LužFirChřibský vrchVlčí Hora is an adventure in winter. And if the inversion is down, there is a blue sky above…

3. Crystal Valley or traveling to glassmakers

Who doesn’t know Czech glass? – Bohemian Crystal. And from Bohemian Cottage is the center of glassmaking, Nový Bor is just over the hill, more precisely, over a saddle in the Lusatian Mountains called Šébr. Many well-known glass companies and family businesses are located in Nové Bor and its surroundings. A large number of them are ready to show tourists their craft. And that right in front of the glass furnace.

A brief list:

The windows – AND IT IS DONE – Nový Bor and Lindava
Glass factory Novotný – New Bor
Jiří Pečinek – Kunratice near Cvikov
Haidl and Son – Svojkov

More details on

4. Cross-country skiing or on foot

It depends on the snow conditions, but when he attacks in the Lusatian Mountains, tak nad 600 meters, the snow usually remains and scooters come out to prepare the running tracks.

Ski Polevsko they prepare the cross-country tracks from Kytlice to the seat of glass masters Kamenický Šenov. So you can cross-country ski even to Lord’s rock (The Proud Princess was also there).

Secret tip: Put on your cross-country skis in the village of Zahrady u Rumburka (railway station) and you can go along the railway line in the direction of Panský, Brtníky, Mikulášovice and back. You will discover places, where you don’t just look (unless you are traveling by train, which only runs in the summer, so the road is safe in winter for this adventure trip). More here.

5. Design obsession

When I accompany tourists, we always have to jump somewhere for a beer or a coffee or just sit in one place, where is something “Magnificent”. Let’s try to stop for an excellent coffee at Coffee&Book in Děčín, in the Atelier cafe, where you walk on the floor “poured with coffee” or in the Hosana cafe in Varnsdorf, where the clock is not ticking . You can find a large selection of bitter liquor flavors at the Kocour brewery, where you listen to the beer clock. The artistic experience will absorb you in the Cifra gallery in Doubica or the Perla National Gallery in Kyjov. If you are looking for a quiet, fragrant environment, stop at the Nobilis Tilia teahouse in Vlčí Hora.

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