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Tip a short trip: Ascent to Falkenstein

Park at the crossroads Postal cone in the village of Jetřichovice and go along the yellow trail to try a new outlet for Castle Rock Falkenštejn (cultural heritage) NP Czech Switzerland. Po 500 you encounter meters turn left, which continue after the first timber, then the metal stairs up around the rock massif. Long complicated access to the castle is now easier and safer thanks to the stairs across the access gap. At the top you can admire the carved parlors and the foundations of the castle rock and stunning views of the new viewing platforms. Children will appreciate the different paths, which may seem like a castle maze. Back takes you through the steps in the joint and below them you can use circular way down (turn left), which will take you back to the yellow tourist mark.

Length: 1,5 km
Suitable for smart children with parents, unsuitable for strollers and dogs

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