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1st day in Czech Switzerland

ow to spend a single day in Czech Switzerland? Tip for a 13 km walking trip. Start at Mezní Louka near Hřenska (you can park your car for min. 200 CZK/day, the toilet is in the hotel Mezní Louka right next to the parking lot). In the U Forta information center, buy supplies for the hike and set off along the red tourist trail (Gabriel’s trail – closed, possible walk throught village Mezna) to Pravčická brána. By normal walking you will reach Pravčická in 70 minutes. But I recommend you to stop (deduct immediately after 300 meters from the start) and walk the new Lynx Trail.

During the journey, Edmund Clary-Aldringen’s Countess guides you through the information boards and explains the secrets of the local nature. The Sokolí hnízdo restaurant is under the Pravčická gate. Nice photogenic place with possible seating on the terrace. However, in order to get here and to Pravčická brána, you have to pay a fee to the local operator. Personally, I think the views are worth it.

From Sokolí hnízd, follow the red tourist sign and after about 30 min. you will arrive at the Tři prameny crossroads. Here, continue along the road past the parking lot until you come across a signpost at the beginning of the village of Hřensko with the Edmund’s Gorge (closed) arrow. Hospitality in Hřensko is not famous, so I recommend holding on and continuing in the direction of the boat upstream of the Kamenice river following the yellow tourist sign (40 min).

There is a fee for the boats, but the payment is nice, the narration of the “captain and guide” is funny. The cruise takes 20 minutes. Fast food is fixed at the end of the cruise and there is often a fire for roasting. If you want to get some cash. Another good option awaits you at the restaurant On the lookout in the village of Mezná From the boats, walk 10 minutes to the Mezní můstek junction, cross the river and follow the green tourist sign to the steep climb (500m) to reach the village of Mezná and then back to Mezní Louka.

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