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By steam train? This is a guarantee of fun not only for children!

Another worthwhile trip for families with children in Saxony! Visit the ruins of Oybin Castle and Monastery in an unconventional way, ride part of the way on a steam train. The train runs the route Zittau – Oybin for about 40 minutes, has several closed stylish carriages and one open one, as if created for beautiful summer days. It has about 14 stops along the entire route at mostly beautiful stations, so railway lovers will have their fill. You pay 14 euros for a return ticket. You can access anywhere on the track for a reduced price. It is less than 1 kilometer from Oybin station to the castle, you can choose to walk, the path is also suitable for strollers or tourist bikes, the price is 2 euros one way, children from three years old pay 1 euro. Entrance fee to the castle is 5 euro for adults and it is worth it. The castle has its charm due to its breathtaking location on the rock, and this genus loci belongs to the places he wants to experience! Don’t miss the view from the castle tower to the wide surroundings and on the way back also take a look at the local church, you will be literally amazed…
At the station in Oybin there is also a small railway museum and an excellent cafe where you can get fair trade and organic quality coffee.
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