National park Bohemian Switzerland

Růžový vrch v českém Švýcarsku

The National Park Bohemian Switzerland was declared in 2000, the main object of protection is unique sandstone formations, and they tied habitat.  NP is located in the district between municipalities Hrensko and Chribska,  Brtniky. It occupies an area on the border with Germany, which separates it from the National Park Saxon Switzerland . The area of the park is 79.23 km².
Seat of the National park Bohemian Switzerland, Prazska 52,  407 46 Krasna Lipa,
Phone: +420 412 354 050,,
Why is this country called Bohemian Switzerland? The name "Bohemian Switzerland" was derived from the name of Saxon Switzerland, which is used for the German part of the Elbe sandstone from the 18th century. About this title is deserved Swiss painters Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff, who worked at the Academy in Dresden and painted the landscape along the Elbe, which reminded them of homeland.

Pravcicka brana - Prebischtor

Pravčická brána - foto Z.Patzelt

National Natural Landmark Pravcicka brana (German Prebischtor) is a rock formation located in the National Park Bohemian Switzerland, approximately 3 km from village Hrensko. The size of the gate is 26.5 meters in width and 16 meters in height. Pravcicka branae is the biggest sandstone rock gate in Europe.

Attention: due to the entry of Pravcicka gate through the mansion's entrance fee is paid. Admission is CZK 75 and goes into the pocket of the owner of the lodge, not National park. Current opening hours and admission can be found here.