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Pravcicka Gate

National natural monument Pravčická gate (German Prebischtor) is a rock formation located in the territory Czech Switzerland National Park approximately 3 km from Hrensko. The size of the gate is 26,5 meters in width and 16 meters in height. Pravčická gate is the biggest sandstone rock gate in Europe. The surrounding rock massif Pravčická gate lodge and restaurant Falcon’s Nest.

Attention: by entering the prospects of Pravčická gate through the restaurant Falcon’s Nest is here paid admission: grown-ups 95 CZK / 4 EUR. Children (6-14 let) 30 CZK / 1,5 EUR. Current opening hours and admission can be found here. Usually (in the season every day from 10-18 open, including the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant, off-season only on holidays and on weekends). Pravčická gate, but you can see it every day just to enter the outlook is limited. After the fire in the summer 2022 the approach from Tři pramenu looks like a lunar landscape so far, viz.foto. The access from Mezní louka is still closed.

Pravčická gate Hrensko gets out of the red (half of the road is asphalted road, for parking in Hřensko they pay at least 120 CZK)

The second and better option, how to get to Pravčická gate after red from Mezni Louka (or Boundary). During the season and on holidays, the car parks are quickly full (about 10h). Do not park outside the reserved parking lot, Hřensko city police will give you a boot.

If you do not want to go the same route back, walk down the red down to the main road and head back to the tourist bus or the yellow trail back to the limit and limit Louka.