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Dolsky mill

Dolský mlýn, a natural monument located in the Czech Switzerland National Park by the Kamenice river, 1 km east of Kamenická Stráná, 1 km from Vysoké Lípa and 4 km from Jetřichovice (Starý mlýn parking lot). The first written mention of the mill dates back to 1515. It was a three-wheel mill, with two wheels driving the grinding device and the third a saw. From 1696 to 1910, the mill was the property of the Pohlů family. Today, Dolský mlýn is cared for by the rescue association, Dolský mlýn, z.s. . Dolský mlýn now attracts both photographers and film crews. Several fairy tales were shot here, eg Hell with the Princess, The Lost Prince, The Devil’s Bride, The True Knight.

Published on: 16.1.2024  -  Filed under: Attractions