Aleš a Irena Kubicovi
Kamenná Horka 15, Krásná Lípa

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We are not a place for weddings?

and yet from time to time someone finds us. Addressed by the surrounding nature, unpretentiousness, true beauty from detail to whole and vice versa, values, garden and maintained area. Couples find us, who are looking for the opportunity to be with their loved ones in the atmosphere of a wedding ritual, which not only respects, but also mirrors the surrounding landscape, they are no strangers to the forest and meadows and living inside.

Find us, if:

-you are looking for a quiet place and you want to leave peace there

-you care about the atmosphere, uniqueness and authenticity

-your guests can fit in our beds ( max 19 beds)

-you are flexible about the deadline

We can recommend: wedding coordinators from the area, florist, professional wedding catering

Thanks to Gabriela and Jakub for the photos and Bohemian wedding for design.