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Trip to the Rabštejn underground factory near Jánská

If you are looking for knowledge in Bohemian Switzerland in any weather, drive towards Česká Kamenice and the village of Jánská and stop by the old factories with a mysterious past from World War II. Here you will look into the labyrinth of underground passages with exhibits about the secret production of German aircraft and fuel storage facilities built under socialism. Call the Rabštejn Civic Association

Karel Hunčovský (775 862 485, 412 585 032, and book a tour. Attention, the tour can be 2.5 to 4 hours long (too much for children) and you will learn about the history of the local concentration camp, through local air disasters, to the beauty of the numerous cocoons of the Meta menardi spider. The minimum number of participants is 8 people. or by agreement. More information

From the complex of factory buildings, you can then go upstream of the Kamenice river (follow the yellow path) to Česká Kamenice.

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