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Trip from Kamenna Horka to Doubice

Leave the car in front of Bohemian Cottage and head along the blue road towards Doubice. You can also hop on a scooter, which we will lend you here. After 3 km, turn off the road to Karlova výšina (580 m.a.s.l.). You won’t regret it, the view of Doubica and Czech Saxon Switzerland is worth it. Continue on without a sign along the so-called stone path and after 500 meters you will come across an asphalt road that continues to Doubice. In the small village of Doubice, full of half-timbered houses, be sure to stop at Stará hospoda (they are always open) and try traditional Czech specialties. You can get back by going up towards Vápenka (see map), first along the green and then along the red back to Kamenná Horka.

Length of trip: approx. 10 km

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