Aleš a Irena Kubicovi
Kamenná Horka 15, Krásná Lípa

Accommodations & Wellness & Yoga & Rental & Trips


The background of our terrace offers a quiet sitting area overlooking the lake, garden and forest. There is available proper grill made of cast steel from a Czech manufacturer Kovářství Diviš! We’ve already tested it and believe us, we are excited. It allows you to prepare a large amount of food (for example, fresh trout from Fishery – fishing). You can mix flavors both by choosing Moravian wine from Vinařství Spěvák from Dolní Bílovice or Kovarik from Prusanky. You don’t have to run to the fridge for anything, right next door is cold cellar with a selection of wines. There is enough space for cooking, including water and electricity. Food is an experience.

There are two large wooden tables with benches with a capacity 17 people or bar next to the grill.