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Usual length of treatment: 90 me, possible consultation

“Shiatsu is an invitation to deep trust in your body and its powers.”

Shiatsu is a Japanese technique similar to massage, which uses gentle touch on acupressure
points. Shiatsu treatment takes place in clothes on a mat on the ground. During treatment, they are created in the body
conditions for restoring balance both at the energy level, both on a physical and psychological level.

How does it work? Our life energy in the body (to) flows through a network of meridians, in a healthy conscious person it is
its flow balanced. However, for various reasons, ki accumulates in some places, as if
a dam will be built on the river. Elsewhere, ki is weak, like when a brook dries up. In shiatsu we use touch and
finger pressure to do so, so that in places of excess ki is released and can flow to the places, where is she
lack. Along with the energy system, the body and mind also move towards harmony. It opens
the road to health, inner wisdom and deep peace.

How it goes? There is space for a short conversation at the beginning of the meeting. I’m interested in, what kind of life do you live and what
would you like to change – for example, what hurts you, what diseases are bothering you, psychological problems or whatever.
The treatment itself is followed by wearing clothes on a mat on the ground – it can take place sitting or lying down
back, on the stomach or side. I touch the points on the meridians according to the detected imbalance, I use
also by rotating the joints, stretching or palm pressure. Shiatsu is different every time, as everyone is unique
Client. At the end, it is advisable to lie down and rest for a few minutes.

You may experience a sensation of pressure during and after touch therapy, heat or vibration, different ones may also appear
pictures, memories or emotions. It’s good to let them run their course. I recommend you after the treatment
allow yourself time to integrate and perceive, what happens in the body and psyche. It is ideal to have time for yourself.
Is shiatsu suitable for you?? Year, if you are suffering from any mental or physical problem, you want
to relax or if you wish to embark on a journey of deeper understanding of yourself and your life. Shiatsu se
not recommended in the acute phase of an infectious disease or during ongoing chemotherapy.

How should I come?? It is good to come at least an hour after eating. Wear comfortable, natural clothing
material (ideally without buttons and zips) and socks. Pants or leggings and a T-shirt are a good choice
with long sleeves. For women, I recommend a sports bra, possibly before the treatment itself
take off the bra. Jeans are not suitable, shorts, skirt, singlet.