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Pravcicka brana

The national natural monument Pravčická brána (Prebischtor in German) is a rock formation located on the territory of the České Švýcarsko National Park, approximately 3 km from Hřensk. The size of the gate is 26.5 meters in width and 16 meters in height. Pravčická brána is the largest sandstone rock gate in Europe. In the surrounding rock massif of Pravčická brány there is a castle and restaurant Sokolí hnízdo.

Attention: due to the entrance to Pravčická brána through the castle, an entrance fee is payable. The entrance fee is 75 CZK and goes into the pocket of the owner of the chateau, née NP České Švýcarsko. Current opening hours and entrance fees can be found here.

You can get to Pravčická brána from Hřensk by taking the red road (half of the way is an asphalt road, for the parking fee in Hřensk you pay at least 100 CZK)

The second and better option to get to Pravčická brána by taking the red road from Mezní Louka (or from Mezná – without parking fee). If you don’t want to go back the same way, take the red road down to the main road and go back by tourist bus or follow the yellow tourist sign back to Mezná and Mezní Louka.