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People associated with Bohemian Cottage – Lags. Arch. Josef Matyáš

It’s Mister Akkad. Arch. Josef Matyáš academic architect, the owner of the architectural studia AMS and the long-time chief architect of the cities of Nymburk, Underarms, Benesov. His cottage in Doubica, at that time the U Matyáše guesthouse, we are ahead 16 years they chose as the place for our wedding festivities. We didn’t know that yet, that he is an architect, that he even has a cottage in Kamenná Horka, it will form a study for a family house and then also for a guesthouse. The architect collects old irons, he has a unique sense of humor, for good deeds, community in Doubica and a traditional race on scooters. We are extremely happy for such friendships!

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