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Lusatian Mountains

The Lusatian Mountains (Lausitzer Gebirge in German) is a mountain range in the north of the Czech Republic, bounded in the direction from the west by the Děčín Highlands and the Ještěd-Kozák ridge in the east.

The main ridge of the Lusatian Mountains – the Lusatian Ridge – runs south of the Lusatian fault from the hill of Justice to Horní Sedlo. It is made up of individual chert and trachyte, rarely also basalt piles connected in a distinct ridge.

Geologically, the Lusatian Mountains are mainly made up of Upper Cretaceous sandstones, through which hot magma penetrated in numerous places in the Tertiary period, which solidified in the form of chert and basalt rocks.

The highest mountain is Luž (Lausche) – 792.9 m.a.s.l. A total of ten mountains exceed 700 m.a.s.l. In addition to Luža, these are Pěnkavčí vrch – 792.0 m.a.s.l., Jedlová – 774.2 m.a.s.l. m., Klíč – 759.4 m.a.s.l., Hvozd (Hochwald) – 749 m.a.s.l., Studenec – 736.5 m.a.s.l., Velký Buk – 735.5 m.a.s.l., Malý Buk – 712.4 m.a.s.l., Weberberg – 710.7 m.a.s.l. and Bouřný – 702.5 m.a.s.l.

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