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Jedlová lookout Tower

At the top of the mountain Fir (774 m n. m) He was in 1891 built tower and tourist restaurant with a monument of the poet Friedrich Schiller.
In 1890 construction began 23 m high stone tower. Negotiations about the construction began 17. March 1889 in Krasna Lipa, When the landowner Prince Kinsky allowed to build on top of the fir. construction, designed by architect Varnsdorfská Stoy, entered said branch Jiřetínská Mountain Association for North Bohemia company Eiselt Krásná Lípa. As masonry builders used mainly local phonolite. lookout, whose construction required a total 5 200 gold, It was inaugurated 14. September 1891.
Approximately 1 km east of the summit of the mountain are the ruins Tolštejn.