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It is possible use bike to Pravcicka gate?

There is no cycle path directly to the Pravčická Gate and can only ride a bike in the National Park on the cycle paths. But …, are there other options? To approach the bike and to milk the rest on foot. Where to approach? Either three springs or on the marker. In both places there are cycling-farms.

For example, from Krásná Lípa you will go towards flowing. Then go downhill down the hill to the so -called Czech road, take a valley where you can ever meet someone, climb the hill towards Malá Pravčická and there is a bound meadow in front of you, where you can keep the bike in the storage or down 4 km until to three springs and you will have it on the Pravčická gate on foot.

In general, the cycle paths in the national park are up and down, but on the electric bike you are from the beautiful linden to Pravčická per hour and a half :).

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