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Forgotten things

Dear guests, please follow the instructions, how to get your forgotten things back to Bohemian Cottage as quickly as possible.

  1. Please email us at which forgotten item it is
  2. We will find the thing quickly and let you know immediately, that we packed and prepared the item for shipping free of charge
  3. Order the transport and pay it directly to the transporter.
    for example: Ppl here:
  4. Fill out the form at the carrier
    Our pick up address:
    Bohemian Cottage
    Kamenna Horka 110
    Krasna Lipa 407 46
    tel.: 736 224 222
  5. Send us an email label with your address, which the freight forwarder will send you. AND IT IS DONE.

Note: another forwarding service can also be used, who will pick up the package from us.