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Kamenná Horka 15, Krásná Lípa

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Day trip to the e-bike ČeskoSaským Switzerland

“Kochan without sweaty shirts”

Try a pedelec, ride through the countryside, relax uphill and downhill

9:00 Krasna Lipa – square (or your hotel)

10:00 Kyjov valley

10:30 Hinterhermsdorf – Saxon Switzerland

11:00 Křinice river valley with a tram into the rocks

12:00 Bad Scandic – Spa towns in Saxony

13:00 Hřensko – town on the river Kamenice

14:00 on Tokání – hunting lodges Count Kinsky

15:00 Doubice – pedestals

16:00 back

Price according to the number of persons agreement
(Included e-bike, guide, beer)

Alex enjoys guide