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Kamenná Horka 15, Krásná Lípa

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Cycling trips through the Czech Switzerland Hitherhermsdorfu

We go from Hinterhermsdorf, we descend down to the river Křinice, we cross the border into the Czech Switzerland and ride among the rocks massifs in the valley Kyjovské. We’ll see the Cave of the Fairies, Wine Cellar and Kinski rock outlook. After an hour and a half we arrive through the village Kyjov full of half-timbered houses in the town of Krasna Lipa, where we visit a local brewery, chocolate factory, café, just to taste. Of Krasna Lipa we go from Lime hill to the village Doubice, where we’ll see many wooden sculptures in one place. According to the mood and choose forces its way back to Hinterhermsdorf.