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Bike trip along the Mandava River to Olbersdorfer See

In order for children to enjoy a bike trip, it needs to have a proper goal and a straight line to it. A good choice is to pedal along the river Mandava from Großschönau in Germany to the sandy beaches of Lake Olbersdorfer see (near the town of Zittau).

In Großschönau, through Varnsdorf, you can park for free at the church and set off in the direction of Hainewalde among the neat stilt houses. The cycle path is marked with green square signs. At Hainewalde, you can stop by the herb garden or Schloss Hainewalde,

You will cross the river Mandava (Mandau in German) several times and soon you will arrive in the city of Zittau, or to the lake Olbersdorfer see with sandy beaches and children’s playgrounds along.

Back either by the same route or for the more adventurous, a shorter route, worse terrain, but you can follow the yellow hiking trail.

Look on the map for: Großschönau, Hainewalde, Olbersdorfer see

Route length: 13 km and back

Difficulty: for families with children

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