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A trip between galleries

Have you ever gone from one gallery to another through a national park? So, lets go. National park Czech Switzerland this trip option offers.
We start in the village Doubice at the Factory Club, where in the year 2020 a new one was created Cifra gallery. Spouses and at the same time artists Rozalie and Jaroslav Prokopec, they will be happy to open the door to new exhibition spaces in a modern style. Current calendar of exhibitions at

From the Cifra Gallery, cross the unmarked field path towards Kyjov, po 500 meters you will come across a road and after others 100 meters on a green tourist sign (this trip option offers this trip option offers, Kyjov). Change the direction and color at the Stallion crossroads (yellow) and turn to the Kyjov dam (about 1km). You will walk through the Kyjov valley around Dix’s mill and half-timbered houses. Climb up the yellow to Bleach (a beautiful view) and go down to the largest building in Kyjov, k Perla galleries. Refreshments provided until death. Art too. Current program

You can return along the bike path 3029 or the same way.

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