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Ferrat Alpiner Grat or castle Oybin in sight

Feel like in the Alps and yet be only a few minutes from the Sluknov hook is that, which is worth the trip for sports enthusiasts.

short, but moderate ferrat Alpiner Grat near the village Oybin in Germany is 30 minutes by car from Krasna Lipa. Ferrat does not lead directly to any high peak Luzicke himr, But one of the prospects hrad Oybin. On the prospect of leading several “mysterious ways”, the light is lost, find the, but also. One way to get to Fera is a yellow sign of Oybin to Lückendorf. On the way is a detour along the yellow sign with a dot on the direction Scharfenstein. After about 15 minutes, turning to the prospect (cedule monk pulpit dove). The prospect of steep path leads to the beginning of ferrata.

The second option to find you start ferratas park is the first left after the crossroads on the road Hain (S133) with Oybinu. Go unmarked forest road about 10 minutes and occur early ferratas. (More below on the map).

It is a moderately difficult (C/D), But after a short ferrata led sandstone cliff. There are several sections, which called for shooting, meaning, that the time for Fera may need to extend 30 minutes. excess is 64 m and stretches can be found here, wherein climb vertically upwards. Ferrat definitely not for beginners without the proper equipment.

We plan to go together on this Ferat with a professional instructor and equipment rental. Watch therefore let miss deadline.

View space Ferrate in the Czech Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains in a larger map