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Kyjov valley

Kyjovské valley 6 km long rocky canyon, which runs the river Křinice. Valley begins at the village Kyjov (precisely at the inn at the Faculty) and continues to the border with Germany (exactly it back to the destroyed village Doubice). The deep valley is flanked on both sides by sandstone rocks with lateral gorges.

Valley leads the red tourist trail leading from odbožky example, the prospect Kinsky, to the Cave of Fairies, to sit at the bridge or at the Tourist Brtnické icefalls.

At the end of thhttp://a-trip-to-the-brtniky-ice-fallse valley is Brtnický bridge through which you can get to the village of Kopec (village Brniky). If you continue along the Křinice comes to borders and the road to German village Hinterhermsdorf. In this tourist village known as boating upper lock.