On snowshoes to icefalls

Icefalls are created in the valleys and ravines on the rocks around the National Park Bohemian Switzerland. The most famous grow along the Wolf and Brtnický creek in the eastern part of the park. Most often icefalls grow from January to March. Very, however, it depends on the weather.

Where the trip start?

A) Village Brtníky and continue on green trail to Sternberk ....

B) Village Kyjov -  Krasna Lipa, parking place pub Na fakulte red trail to Kyjov valley

C)  Valley U jezevce, village Vlci hora

D) Village Kopec, parking place u pub U Oty

Look at maps here.  There is some direction label to every ice falls.

It depends on you whether you plan your trip from point A) to B) or create a circle from point A) through point C) back to A). In the second zone of the national park you can expel even outside the marked paths. Just watch. Sometimes the paths are icy or snow completely Westerners.