Schrammsteine – trip with adventure

Schrammsteine  is a rocky sandstone massif between Bad Schandau and Hrensko. From the top is a beautiful circular view of the surrounding rock towers, Elbe canyon, Königstein fortress and other treasures of the Saxon Switzerland.

How to get up from the bank of river Elbe?

From the German town Schmilka start off on the yellow trail, walk to directions a bakery and brewery in Schmilk'sche Muhle. After Schmilka is waiting for you hour walk  (in season even more, you will be waiting on the stairs on the flowing crowds opposite) up and literally.  I have never gone up such a long stairs as Zurückssteig. The reward will be a relaxing stay on top with amazing views. The trail is full of beautiful views, mention Carolafelsen, Falkenstein, Affensteine.

Of Falkenstein can walk into the village Ostrau, where you closer to bus 252 to Bad Schandau. Train from  Bad Schandau  is going to direction Decin, Rumburk, Dresden.

TIP: sturdy shoes for walking up and down anything (blanket) sitting on a rock and the best time to sit here in the late afternoon (no many visitors)