Let´s go to Jedlova

Whether it is winter or summer, a trip to hill Jedlova is beautiful in every season. In winter you take a sleigh ride down in the summer on a rented scooter.

The starting point is the newly renovated square in Jiretin pod Jedlovou. We go uphill the green trail towards the Cross Mountain (574 meters, Krizovy vrh). The Spirit breathes history on our way to top, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

We continue along the ridge (on the green) await the views of Wolf Mountain (Vlci hora), Luz, castel Tolstejn and Bohemian Switzerland. In one kilometer to reach the ski lift up the mountain. I recommend shorten  way down the slope (ascent 200m) and then proceed to the top of the red trail. To go to a less steep slope, the green continue after the signpost "U ranče", and then the red at the top (1 hour extra).

The reward at the top is really sweet. Some speciality in local restaurant is waitting. For example huge blueberry dumplings called "morons". Soups like from the grandmother and the beer from brewery Kocour from town Varnsdorf.  Current information www.jedlova.cz.

If you would like to stand up from a restaurant, sit down on a sleigh in winter and scroll down the slope down to the beginning of the lift, where you can enjoy refreshments, children's playground and a giant swing. If the summer, rent a scooter, you go down in the lift. Both options are worth it. Current information www.sport-jedlova.cz. Back from the lift brings you comfortable asphalt road on the Square of Jiretin pod Jedlovou  (15min).

Tip:Though it down (in cities) is not snow. Believe that on the mountain Jedlova some will. Take the sled is worthwhile.