MTB tour with guide

Do you want to go mountain biking tour Lusatian Mountains and National Parks Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland? Ales certified guide with you passes crisscross the region. Think of the program together, trips, entertainment, restaurants and accommodation. It all depends on your requirements and your group.


Day 1 - we go to 700s high hills in Luzicke mountains. Fir're going to climb a mountain peak (774 meters). We look at the lookout and visit the local pub bicycle station Jedlová. Who is really good, humble his bike and the highest mountain in Lusatian Mountains - Luž without touching the ground. Trip will end in Varnsdorf, where you can taste local specialties Brewery Kocour. (See. Photo)

Day 2 - ...

Contact: Aleš Kubica, certified guide, +420 736 224 222,