4th day in Bohemian Switzerland - Fairytale Dolsky mill

From the village Vysoka Lipa  walk down the church stairs (the blue  trail - 1km) to the river Kamenice, where you will discover an old mill. Cultural Heritage Dolsky mill is so mysterious that it is often chosen filmmakers to shoot fairy tales.  Breathe up the atmosphere and listening to the melody of the river. After that walk by the blue trail to the oldest iron-conrete bridge in the Czech Republic (walk 500m) and further upstream river level Jetrichovicka Bela to  village in Jetrichovice.  From Jetrichovice ride on a tourist bus to Krasna Lipa and Decin.

Tip: You can also manage this trip with children. If you want to take the stroller go  to Dolsky mill from village Jetrichovice (parking place  Stary mlyn (Old Mill)