Trips on snowshoes in Bohemian Switzrland

There is full of snow in the Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains. Immediately I slip on snowshoes and set out to overcome nature. Look at  trips of tour for winter season. If you do not have snowshoes and let´s go to try them, we offer the possibility of renting snowshoes for adults and children, including a stick.


Tour on snowshoes

Rent snowshoes

Lets go to try snowshoeing and discover the secrets of Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains. Snowshoes including sticks lend, to walk in them teach you. Difficulty trip adapt "to members of the expedition." It is possible  to go with  child also.

Evening trip to Jedlovou (774 m) - individual date 

Time  17-19h (by appointment) on in the cnter of Krasna Lipa

Go by car to Jiretin (15min)

Walk up the mountain ,  Jedlova hill  (approx 90 min according to the chosen route)

Foods and dring in restaurant on the top